Comprehensive Package

I help students and families throughout the process up to and including May 1 of the senior year when students select from among their college options. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from students throughout their college years.

It is to the advantage of families to begin earlier rather than later. I can help a 9th or 10th grader with appropriate course selection and summer enrichment programs. Furthermore, my comprehensive fee is the same for a student beginning in tenth grade as it is for a senior who starts in October of their senior year

Finding a suitable college for your student may seem like a daunting process. Although families are capable of navigating college admissions alone, experience with high school students, continuous professional development, and familiarity with colleges and universities across the country enable me to help families and empower students to navigate these waters more safely and successfully than they might without professional help.

I aim to help students discover what they want and then, as informed consumers, to help them find a school that meets their needs and values their talents- a college where they will graduate - happy and successful.

How I help you and your student

I devote individualized attention to each student maintaining frequent email, phone, and face to face contact with students and their parents throughout high school helping them with:

  • Determining appropriate testing schedules and preparation
  • Preparing for visits and interviews
  • Developing a list of suitable colleges
  • Helping them create essays and applications that tell their stories
  • Learning about financial aid and ethical ways to maximize chances of receiving it
  • Researching colleges and teaching them how to decide among their options

Free Consultation!

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