About Jon

As a high school English teacher I became familiar with the college admissions process and the normal anxiety and indecision this process is capable of creating. My goal is to reduce this anxiety by teaching students and families how to manage the process.

My credentials include:
  • Dickinson College BA
  • Wesleyan University MALS
  • 30 credits beyond Masters, including graduate courses in college counseling
  • Local, Regional, and State teaching awards
  • HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association) Board Member and Standards and Ethics Chair 2010-14
  • Professional Member of IECA (Independent Education Consultants Association)
  • Member of PASAC and NACAC (State and National College Counseling Associations)
  • CEP (Certified Educational Planner) One of only nine in PA and the most experienced person to have earned this designation in Central PA
  • Yearly attendance at PACAC, NACAC, HECA, and IECA Conferences
  • Visits to over four hundred colleges throughout the United States and Canada over my 26 year career.

My Business 

I took a sabbatical from teaching in 1988 and began helping students through the college search and admissions process. My work does not replace, but rather supplements the work of the school counselor.

Unlike many school counselors, the college process is my sole focus. As an independent consultant I have the freedom, interest, and ability to be constantly visiting and assessing colleges and engaging in professional development. I have developed a national network of counselors whom I respect and who can offer assistance on occasional specific regional questions. While the majority of students I have worked with have been from central PA, I have assisted families from across the country.

Free Consultation!

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ph: 717-258-5906, jwtarrant@comcast.net

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