11-12 grade students

I will be able to assist you with managing your academic development and growth as you assume greater responsibility in the process. I will empower your abilities to:

  • Refine academics and activities
  • Manage visits, interviews, and applications with special emphasis on helping you write the best essays you can to present to colleges
  • Help you work with your school counselor
  • Secure teacher recommendations
  • Develop a “long list” of colleges according to your criteria in your Junior year which will evolve into a realistic and balanced “short list” of schools you love that you will apply to in the fall of your Senior year.
  • Consider Early Action or Early Decision applications
  • Choose wisely among the colleges that have accepted you

"You helped me stay on task. Our meetings, your weekly newsletters and reminders helped me find (a college) that I am excited to attend. Thank you for helping me get there."

"With your help, I was able to make confident decisions regarding my future"

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